Terrarium Workshops

 Plant up your own miniature ecosystem at one of these Terrarium Workshops. You’ll be so obsessed after a workshop, you’ll be changing any glass vessel into a terrarium!

Did you know you can find my FREE tropicalarid terrarium tutorials to planting up a basic terrarium over on my blog?!

Tropical Terrarium Workshop

A modern take on the Wardian case and the OG of the LOOF workshops. This workshop is perfect if you’re new & looking to explore how terrariums were founded, how to combine the layers & learn about the perfect plants to use.

Cacti & Succulent Terrarium Workshop

Not sure if you’re ready to invite tropical plants into your home? My Cacti & Succulent Terrarium Workshop makes a perfect alternative. Very easy care & maintenance.

Enclosed Terrarium Workshop

Create a complete living ecosystem in this Enclosed Terrarium Workshop. Once established the terrarium should be self maintaining, based on how the Victorian were able to keep exotic plants alive.

Bring Your Own Vessel

You have your own glass vessel which you’d like to make into a terrarium but no clue what to do.

Private Workshops

Looking for an alternative to the regular hen parties, birthdays or team building events? I’m able to host my Tropical Terrarium Workshop to private groups.