Hey. I’m Robi and welcome to LOOF.

LOOF is a personal brand I created in 2016 focusing on producing bespoke terrariums, art installations & a well-being blog. It started from a light bulb idea after visiting Amsterdam and the brand has been growing ever since.

The word loof is a dutch noun meaning foliage. I’m also trying to live that hygge life.

In my online shop you’ll find bespoke & thrifted terrariums. Heavily influenced by the Edwardian case & Victorian’s fern craze I needed to create my own interpretation. The terrariums I get handmade by my supplier NCYP Gardens and I let my imagination run wild. Or you’ll find me hunting for suitable vessels. You’ll also find tickets to any workshop that I’m hosting in Bristol & Bath. If you’re lucky enough you may even find some collaborative work or some of my own artwork.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with anxiety & depression – which is something that is still ongoing. In my blog I talk about how plants have helped me and how I’ve gone from cactus killer to plant thriver. You’ll get a insiders perspective to my personal plant collection, photography series and insight into what I’m growing.

I’m highly creative and love that I get to work with companies where I get to challenge myself in what I’m curating. I’ve made a preserved moss wall for Harbour & Browns and worked with Tya to do an installation at Harvey Nichols. Even an exhibition to come with Iona May.

You’ll more than likely find at my usual hang out spot – Wild Leaf, with coffee in hand, ready to chat plants.