After being diagnosed with depression and anxiety, Robi found working with plants a real benefit to her mental health & well-being. What really planted the seed was a trip to Amsterdam in 2016. After finding a small florist selling these tiny terrariums, Robi knew she had to have one for her flat. At the end of the trip she couldn’t find the florist and returned to Bristol terrarium-less.
Once back in Bristol Robi was still looking for a terrarium, but couldn’t find one anywhere. With a little push from her partner, Robi began to do research in how to plant up a terrarium, the tools, materials and of course, the plants needed. After some months of her nose in books and experimenting herself, LOOF was beginning to sprout.
Whilst doing all the research & experimenting, Robi found the whole process therapeutic and rewarding. After selling a few terrariums to friends & family, Robi was invited to take part at a market at Hart’s Bakery. This was when Robi knew she wanted to change LOOF from being a small hobby into a career & business.
Over the space of three years LOOF has changed drastically. Robi was passionate about creating beautiful & lasting terrariums but the business has slowly evolved into providing plant based workshops. LOOF already hosts amazing Tropical Terrarium Workshops and will be expanding on the range of workshops for 2020.
LOOF has now grown into a small business working with local businesses like Wild Leaf. It has also given Robi the confidence to be able to share her passion and knowledge at workshops, talk openly with her experience with mental health & teach people the wonders of plants & how they’re beneficial to everyone.
Join Robi at one of her Plant Swaps or at a workshop!