Enclosed Medium Geometric Bespoke Terrarium


A beautifully curated enclosed medium geometric bespoke terrarium planted with a Dryopteris erythrosora & Fittonia. Watch how your terrarium blooms & grows over time. Care guide included. Every terrarium is handmade, planted in Bristol then hand delivered to your door.*


*Bristol & Bath delivery.

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Enclosed Medium Geometric Bespoke Terrarium

Terrariums are handmade by our supplier NCYP Garden. Once arrived Robi takes care in cleaning all materials and begins to plant up each terrarium individually and uniquely – meaning you never get the same terrarium as anyone else! Every terrarium comes with a hand written care guide that is specific to the plants inside. These are loose guidelines as every home is different. Over time your terrarium will grow and some sediment may fall to the bottom. You will also need to prune and add fertilize your terrarium regularly over the growing season.

Size: Medium

Shape: Geometric with door

Materials: Glass, gravel, soil and plants.

Cost price includes hand delivery to Bristol & Bath.