Elizabeth James

Clifton Arcade, Bristol

Commissioned to photograph the shop & products at Elizabeth James in Clifton Arcade. The client was looking for a shot of the outside of the shop & the products to use on social media and their website. This project proved to be slightly difficult with the tungsten light indoors then the natural light coming from the arcade. A lot went into the postproduction in making the white balance correct.

Wild Leaf Plant Installation

Harvey Nichols, Cabot Circus – Bristol

I got to work alongside Tya from Wild Leaf for a plant installation for the event, Sprout. The brief was to create an atmosphere that fitted the event, an evening of plant based food & drinks. I got to work on the terrariums that were situated in the reception area when people arrived at the restaurant. Tya and I worked on the styling together on the day and going in on daily intervals to do the maintenance. I was also asked to photograph the installation. It was a fun project but the space was difficult to style & photograph.


More projects coming soon