Preserved Foliage

Harbour & Browns

Wapping Wharf, Bristol

The client was looking to add plants into their establishment but did not want living plants. The brief was to create something that looked living but required little to no maintenance.  The final instalment was 1 meter by 0.5 meters. I used a mixture of different mosses, foliage & greenery to create the landscape. All foliage is grown naturally before being harvested then dried and dyed.

 If you’re interested in a preserved moss wall for your establishment, please use the contact form below.


Wild Leaf

Plant Shop, Bristol

A small project of creating the graphic and invite to celebrate Wild Leaf turning one to use on social media & promotions. To create the graphics I used water colours for the wreaths. I incorporated plants that are popular in the shop & are easily recognisable. The graphics were then digitally manipulated to create the invite. To keep with the hand drawn aesthetic I used a hand written type to give the invite a more personal feel. Then used a modern clear font for the details.