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Your Mental Health Matters

Your mental wellbeing is extremely important and most of us will experience some type of mental health disorder during our lifetime. I’m personally affected by anxiety & depression so this topic is close to me.

Houseplants have had a huge impact on my mental wellbeing & are extremely important in my self care. It was also why I founded LOOF. Working with plants is extremely therapeutic & I used the method of planting up terrariums as a coping mechanism.

I want to share with you the therapeutic power of plants and over the past couple of years I decided to start donating to Studio Upstairs. Studio Upstairs is local to Bristol & they work to help support people struggling with their mental health through creative processes. I had a stranger approach me at the Bristol Botanical Gardens to tell how much Studio Upstairs helps them & to say thank you.

I’ve previously raised money through my Bristol Plant Swaps to draw attention to them; but as the swaps change & develop, I feel like I would like LOOF to be a continuous support to those who need it.

Which is why last year I decided to donate 5% of my Tropical Terrarium Workshop profits to Studio Upstairs. I hope once this lockdown is lifted I will be able to continue donating when my workshops are back up & running. So when you buy a ticket you’re not just supporting my small business but helping Studio Upstairs support the people that need it.

Your mental health matters.

Over the past couple of years LOOF has been able to raise £250+, thank you so much to everyone who’s attended a plant swap or one of my workshops as you’ve all contributed to this lovely cause. And I’m really looking forward to start hosting events once lockdown has fully lifted so we can carry on supporting Studio Upstairs & any other Mental Health Charities.

Keep on Growing,

Robi x