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Free Arid Terrarium Tutorial

Here with my second terrarium tutorial during lockdown. This time it’s to plant up an Arid terrarium.

If you are extremely new to houseplants & caring for tropical plants is a little out of your skillset. Then this tutorial will really build up your confidence. Experimenting with cacti & succulent terrariums is how I started LOOF before I had the courage to start experimenting with tropical plants.

The benefits of an Arid terrarium is that they are much less maintenance! Meaning if you’re forgetful or go away a lot, you don’t have to be concerned about them as much.

To follow this tutorial you will need;

  • Vessel, cleaned
  • Activated charcoal (if you can get it)
  • Suitable potting mix (something well aerated with perlite or similar material)
  • 2x 5cm potted plants, your choosing of cacti & succulents (read more about that here)
  • Gravel & decorations

Now if you’re looking to challenge yourself or you’re looking to plant a terrarium up with tropical plants, you can find my tutorial over here. I really hope you found this tutorial useful. Please let me know, I really appreciate your feedback.

If this has sparked your terrarium & houseplant curiosity, I host terrarium workshops & houseplant courses. Depending on how the COVID-19 pandemic pans out, I look forward to hosting them once the lockdown is lifted. Or, I will be looking into making the workshops digital, some of which I am already sharing with you over on my IGTV & soon YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching & for taking the time out to read my blog.

Keep on Growing,

Robi x

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