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Free Tropical Terrarium Tutorial

During lockdown I decided that since I couldn’t host my terrarium workshops & houseplant courses, I would create some basic tutorials so you can start your terrarium journey.

In this tutorial, I share with you my very basic method of planting up an open tropical terrarium. If you’re just exploring the world of terrariums and you don’t know where to start this tutorial is for you. Or if you’re struggling to get hold of some of the advanced materials, I hope you may find this useful. If you’re interested in how terrariums were first discovered, check out my blog post on The History of Terrariums & Pteridomania.

To follow this tutorial you will need;

  • Vessel, cleaned
  • Activated charcoal & Sphagnum moss (if you’re able to source it)
  • Suitable potting mixture (something light & airy)
  • 2x 5cm tropical plants of your choosing (if you’re not sure what plants to choose, you may find this video here useful)
  • Gravel & decorations

I hope you found this tutorial helpful, I would love to know your thoughts. Find me on Instagram or Facebook.

If this has sparked your terrarium & houseplant curiosity, I host terrarium workshops & houseplant courses. Or you feel this tutorial is too advanced, I have a Basic Arid Terrarium Tutorial, which is perfect if you’re a complete beginner & tropical plants are out of your skillset.

Depending on how the COVID-19 pandemic pans out, I look forward to hosting my workshops once the lockdown is lifted. Or, I will be looking into making the workshops digital, some of which I am already sharing with you over on my IGTV & soon YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching & for taking the time out to read my blog.

Keep on Growing,

Robi x

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