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The Agony Plant

My monthly IGTV series helping you with your houseplant problems!

We all struggle with our plants from time to time. And just like in life when we may need an Agony Aunt, I’m here to be your Agony Plant. (I don’t know if this is genius or just silly).

There’s nothing more fun than watching your houseplant thrive & grow. But when starting out your plant collection, you may kill a plant or two. That’s completely normal. I still kill houseplants. It happens, it’s going to happen. Plants are living beings.

But occasionally you’ll have a plant that is just not really doing anything. Sat there looking maybe a little limp.  You’re not too sure what’s going on but you know something not right.

This is where I hope to help you. You can send me your plant problem asking for advice.

This is a monthly feature for my Instagram but will be sharing across my Facebook & Youtube at later dates. If you want to catch the episode first, you’ll have to follow me on Instagram. As the new episode goes live to my IGTV channel on the last Sunday of the month at 4pm (as long as I don’t hit any technical difficulties).

If you’re experiencing a plant problem & you just don’t know what to do. Send me an email to or Facebook message me. Include images of the poorly plants with the care/conditions you’ve been giving the plant. I aim to reply to emails/messages within a few days.

In the first & second week of the month, I’m asking people to send in their problems. I also begin planning my episode by choosing people’s houseplant problems. I try to pick issues I think my followers will benefit from seeing/hearing about. So send me in your problems!

In the third week I begin the filming process by planning the episode & scheduling time to film & do any retakes. I have to practice what I’ll be saying as sometimes with my dyslexia I stumble when speaking. Or better yet my brain just stops working. I always put a whole day aside for this.

If everything’s going to plan. Towards the end of week three I might put a simple edit together. Before finishing the editing process off in the fourth week to have it ready to upload on the last Sunday of the month.

And that is my Agony Plant feature. If you would like to support me you can do so here. But I hope you enjoy this feature & be sure to follow me on IG to not miss an episode.

Keep on Growing,

Robi x