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Free Terrarium Tutorials

Whilst we’re in lockdown I’m working on releasing two basic terrarium tutorials to aid you in beginning your terrarium journey! These tutorials will be available for free and using minimal materials.

Terrariums are the foundations of my business and it can be a little daunting when first starting out. So let’s build your terrarium confidence with some very basic tutorials. Once you’ve mastered this method you can venture to one of my terrarium workshops to learn about them further or experiment with your own method.

In these videos I talk you through choosing the plants best suited for the terrarium you are building. I will show you a basic method to planting up a terrarium with tropical plants. The other tutorial will show you a basic method for planting up an arid terrarium.

If you would like to follow theses tutorials you will need the following materials;

  • Clean vessel (preferably an open container where you can fit hands through & big enough to fit two 5cm pots)
  • Activated Charcoal, this is definitely beneficial but understandably a material you may not have to hand.
  • Suitable potting medium – for tropicals you need a light & free draining medium then for arid plants a well aerated mix with perlite (or similar).
  • Two 5cm potted plants of your choosing. (Watch the video below.)
  • Decorative gravel, cleaned (my preference is aquatic gravel)
  • Decorative stones or decorations of your choosing
  • Small tools, optional
  • Gloves, optional but preferable if working with cacti.

But before we get going on the tutorials. We need to pick the perfect plant pals for your new terrarium. In this video I explain choosing the right plants for the type of terrarium you’re planning to plant up.

I hope you found this video useful. There will be more videos to follow. I am a one woman team and I really appreciate your patience waiting for my next release. If you’re interested in becoming a better plant parent follow me on Instagram, where I have my Agony Plant series helping you with your plant problems & more! Otherwise find me on Facebook, it’d be great to see you there.

You can find the FREE Tropical Terrarium Tutorial here.

If you would like to support me during this time you can shoot me a donation here.

Keep on Growing,

Robi x