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I had such a high expectation of living in lockdown but even during this I feel like I’m failing.

Before this lockdown began I had planned tons of workshops up until mid-July ish. In some fab locations, may I add (UoB Botanic gardens, Bramble & Wild and Studio Cotton to name a few). And I was just getting my brain into gear to start promoting my wave of new houseplant courses.

Last year I had Ella (@ellabrydendesigns, her work is ace) photograph a couple of my workshops to use as promo material. I was ready to start shouting about my new workshops. Ready to take on this year.

Then lockdown. I’ve now spent the past five weeks completely restructuring my business. (Tya closed Wild Leaf on the 18th March. I’ve been doing my side of the social media from home & going in once a week to do maintenance). LOOF has changed pretty dramatically from when I started it in 2016. Now, it’s great that I can eb and flow so much with my business & it does give me great flexibility. But it fucks with my anxiety & fucks with the way I view my self worth.

And fuck me, I almost feel like I’m back at square one financially. I had just got to the point where the business was pretty much self sufficient. My cash flow was way more fluid. I felt a lot more stable about everything. To go from being that to now this… Cue tumbleweeds.

On a more positive note, I’m glad that I do have something to work on whilst this is going on. I’m working on some free basic terrarium guides. Trying to break my Houseplants; Back to Basics down into bite sized IGTV videos. I would just like to say a major thank you to David Hoare (@branchingaudio) who orchestrated my little jingles. But I’ve completely overwhelmed myself with the amount of work I’ve demanded of myself and my constant migraines & blurred vision is halting this. But keep an eye out on my social media platforms for further updates.

Although this very bizarre & strange situation is only temporary, I’m trying to practice self care as much as I can. It’s really testing my mental state. Last winter I went to a yoga class & if I hadn’t done that practice I wouldn’t be bothering to do it now. I’ve got the confidence in being able to explore yoga a little bit further (total beginner) but I’ve found a routine that I like & boy does it make you work your body.

The one thing I have tried to take full advantage of during this quarantine is making the most of the sun whilst we have it & zooting about about in my fixed gear. The only thing that would make this ideal would be to have a little Italian greyhound or a whippet.

I hope you’re all staying safe & sane during these turbulent times. I know having my houseplants during all this is making much more barrable. Some of mine are just about to burst into flower!

Thanks so much for reading.

Keep on Growing – Robi x