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My Plant Journey; from BSMT to FFF

I’d love for you guys to follow my journey of moving from a basement to a first floor flat, how that will impact my mental well-being and my plants. This will be a mini blog series on my current living situation, moving with over 100 plants and the after effects.

I currently occupy a basement flat (underneath three floors of students) and live with David and another housemate. It’s not the most idealistic place to live. Over winter is get super dark, even during the day and really cold. This becomes super triggering as it just makes me want to stay in bed and not do anything. I really struggled with my mental well-being at the beginning of this year and really let it get the better of me.

Living below students is becoming a huge trigger for me. The annual change of students stresses me out and gets me all anxious. I also seem to get super sensitive hearing at night and can hear everything that’s going on upstairs. This will trigger my insomnia, and even with calming sounds on & an eye mask I won’t be able to sleep. And for me it’s not a case of just being a bit tired the next day, it’s all these really negative and horrible thoughts that come with it.

It’s not the most plant friendly environment either. Over summer they were thriving. The flat is so bright and cool, with the heatwave it didn’t affect them too much. Last winter I lost a few plants to cold shock. Also a lot of the tropical plants get damaged/stressed from the central heating being on. I find having cacti and succulents in a basement not too bad, the can cope better with the fluctuating temperatures. They don’t really get enough light over the winter and some would grow a little ‘leggy’. During the summer I popped them outside so they really could enjoy the heat & sun.

Now we’re not moving far from our current location but going from a basement to a first floor flat will really help me and my plants! It’ll be so light and warm even through the winter months. I’m excited to really have our own space and not have to worry about a housemate coming home or being around.

There’s a bathroom with a BATH & WINDOW. My more aquatic plants are going to LOVE it! The bedroom is north facing and I’d love to make a little Marantaceae plant display, (so Calatheas & Stromanthes ect). Then the lounge has a South facing window, my arid plants are going to love it! Finally they should get enough light. I can not wait to get them into their new environment.

Although I am NOT looking forward to moving all my plants myself. We’re thinking slowly moving them from the current flat to the new one. But it’s definitely going to be challenging. I’m already trying to prepare myself for some casualties. I’ve had to throw out (RIP guys) a few from my collection as they had fungal diseases and there was no way for bring them back to being a healthy plant.

We’ll be moving slowly over the next couple of weeks. We’ve had some furniture delivered to the new flat already which is super exciting! I can’t wait to share with you guys how it all goes.

Thanks for reading ✌🏻