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My Plant Diaries; Plants & Well-being.

My plant journey started two years ago. I started LOOF as a hobby to help me with my depression & anxiety. I find that I get completely wrapped up in what I’m doing and time flies by. It also gave me something to care for & learn about. Plants are so fascinating, the more I researched into terrariums & plants, the more I wanted to learn.

As adults I feel like we’ve lost something we had when we were children. That curiosity and fearlessness of throwing yourself into anything. And plants have done that for me. They’ve filled a void I didn’t even knew I had.

Also the excitement it brings now that it’s growing season. Literally I want to explode! My Alocasia Wentii has had it’s 3rd leaf unravelling this last couple of weeks. My Monstera (obliqua/adansonii) has two new leaves sprout this year. My Epiphyllum anguliger has had so much new growth, it’s insane. I’m growing chili’s & peppers which I have no idea what I’m doing but they’ve germinated and have little green sprouts.

A lot of my plants are rescues and I live in a basement flat, so I’m beyond thrilled that these plants are thriving. I love rescuing plants, I just want to give all of the plants, all of the love (just like with my obsession with dogs).

Then working at Wild Leaf I get to be around plants all day and it’s making my dream of LOOF & having a shop a reality. It also has opened up a wonder of new specimens to get familiar with. You slowly start to fall in love with certain plants in the shop or even when you get a delivery you literally scream when you get a new species as you’re too excited!

It also gives me the opportunity to really get my business set up and get creative again. Which is something I completely lost through my darker periods.

Plants give me that escape I need. When I’m with them, I stop caring about everything else and put all my focus on them. Find that thing that turns you into a kid again.