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My Plant Diaries; Workshops

I know I haven’t been doing my blog recently, which I’m sorry about. It was a rough start to the year to say the least. But now that the sun is shining I feel like I’m emerging out of my winter slumber. There’s also been a lot going on as well, with collaborations and new projects. I’ve also been thinking about what I want from my brand and what direction I would like to take it.

This year I’m totally following my creative side more. I’ve decided to explore my photography and my watering colourings. When I started the year I had goals for something completely different. I desperately wanted to have my own shop filled with plants, terrariums and some lifestyle products. With my blog, trying to write a blog post once a week was stressful. I’m not organised enough for that! Also with my depression coming back my motivation to do anything about it completely out the window. I’m now going to do more ‘Plant Diaries’ – where I’ll talk about specific plants that I have in my collection, projects I’m working on, just more of a focus on plants in generally. I’ll still cover my art and I’d still love to do my Meet the Maker as I have so many talented friends surrounding me I want to shout about it!

A few months ago I joined forces with Wild Leaf and from the start it was ‘go-go-go’. We did a collab together for Harvey Nichols which was insane! It was so much fun working on the terrariums, the kokedama and then getting to photograph the space after we filled it with plants. It was also great experience into plantscaping. I’m slowly updating @loofphotography with my work, keep an eye on it for updates!

I know work in the shop during the week, which I absolutely adore and I have my best gal pal, Octavia, to thank about that. If she didn’t introduce myself and Tya, I wouldn’t have this opportunity right now.

Another big thing I’ve been working towards is my workshops and last week I did my first one. It was fun and nerve wracking experience. I’m still struggling to find my identity especially mentally, I seem to be switching between Robi and my old self.

Recently I haven’t been feeling myself, as well as being extremely sick (story of my life), which meant I had to postpone the first date. The morning of the first one, I was totally getting myself into a right anxious mess. But the whole evening went really smoothly and I really enjoyed myself. I definitely could do with loosening up, but that’ll come with time. Now I’ve had time to reflect I can really focus on the positives from it, before my brain just focuses on the negatives. The little things that in the end didn’t even matter. Everyone enjoyed themselves and walked away with big smiles on their faces and that’s all I need to focus on.

Also Jess, from Bristol 24/7 came along and has written up a lovely blog post about the evening. I would totally appreciate it if you would take the time to read it: and if you’re interested in coming along to either of the next ones you can find tickets here or check out Wriggle.

It’s also given me inspiration to do more than just terrarium workshops, but kokedama and re-potting workshops, plant swaps and much more hopefully!